Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cotogna - 590 Pacific at Montgomery St., SFCA

   This was my second visit to Cotogna for lunch, the first time being not long after they opened. I have to say I and my party were a bit disappointed. We had a res for 1:45 but we were there at 1:30 and there was seating. It took several minutes before we even got menus and then five minutes before someone decided to take our order. Our apps came reasonably quick, but it was almost 2:30 before got the mains; it wasn't all that busy. As a consolation prize, they gave us ONE little bowl of strawberry sorbet to split four ways.
   For starters we had the Mortadella with Fried Gnocchi (12). A nice house made meat with pickled onion and carrots, we made little bites combining all three ingredients. Next was the Pork Belly (12) with onion and cherries, I believe. I neglected to get a copy of the menu or take copious notes and the online menu is outdated, so descriptions are minimal. You really need a sharp knife to cut this and you have to ask for it. I know pork belly is still all the rage but that shouldn't make it more expensive; $12 is a bit much.
   Justin had the Papardelle with Lamb (16) which he had no complaints with except that there wasn't a whole lot of it. This seems to be the norm with pasta dishes here. I wouldn't mind if I was having a traditional Italian meal, a protracted affair lasting a while with several courses. But this was lunch for working people (of a sort).
  Above that you see Brian's Gnocchi (16) and I'd love to tell you what's in it but I don't know. Again, he said it was pretty tasty and he could've used more!
   Suhail went for the Sausage Pizza (17) with arugula and ricotta cheese. Nice thin crust, except for the edges of course, good sausage and a little bite from the greens.
   And little ol' me had the Tagliatelle (16) with Fubbiano EVOO, cheese and shrooms. A bit heavy on the oil, which didn't strike me as all that flavorful; I like mine very fruity.

   Who knows, maybe they were having a bad day that day. I don't want to discourage anyone from going because they're still head and shoulders above the tourist traps on Columbus Ave. It's just that for that kind of money, things should be a little more together.

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