Saturday, April 20, 2013

Villa Romano - 731 Irving near 8th Ave., SFCA

   People told me not to go and of course, being the stubborn and fair-minded dude that I am, I went anyway. I didn't have the camera with me, but you all know what ravioli and meatballs looks like, don't you? I gotta say, the people were right. The meatballs were dry and over-salted and the cheese ravioli tasted like the ones you buy frozen in large bags. The bolognese sauce was light on meat and also salty. The server brought me bread right away, but no butter, no knife and no plate! With a glass of house red, which was actually decent, this came to $31 plus tip. So much for some of the old SF institutions...

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  1. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I live a couple blocks away and have always been warned about this place. Seems overpriced for what it is. Don't know how they stay open, as they're always empty when I walk by.